Eco-Friendly/Environmentally Friendly!


Eco-Friendly/Environmentally Responsible

 We remove the waste created by K-Cups. 

  • K-Cups are not recyclable.
  • These sources show the harm to the environment caused by K-Cups:
  • We remove the need for milk/creamer pods.
  • You cannot recycle K-Cups and coffee shops provide coffee cups which are frequently trashed.
  • Our alternative to the K-Cup is our line-up of machines which pour coffee straight into your favorite mug.
  •  The only waste we generate is sent straight to the compost, providing for the environment instead of damaging it.


We Use Only Fair Trade/Certified Organic Coffee Beans

 Fair trade coffee is purchased directly from the growers for a higher price than standard coffee. Fair trade coffee is one of many fair trade certified products available around the world. Fair trade practices ensure healthier working conditions and greater economic benefit for producers. Coffee farmers producing fair trade certified coffee are required to be part of a co-op with other local growers. The co-ops determine how the premiums from fair trade coffee will be spent, and growers are guaranteed a minimum price for the coffee, and if market prices exceed the minimum, they receive a per pound premium.  


The Finishing Touch...


  • By using only bulk coffee, we’ve eliminated individual packaging
  • All coffee grounds are removed and composted
  • We encourage the use of ceramic or reusable mugs in place of disposable paper cups
  • Good coffee at the workplace eliminates the need for coffee runs - eliminating idling at the drive-through and commute times