Locally owned and operated right here in the Nashville area-

What Sets Higher Grounds Apart From Other Office Coffee Services?


What sets Higher Grounds apart from other Office Coffee Suppliers?

  • Our state of the art Italian designed espresso dispensing systems create the finest aromas and tastes from our fresh roasted Arabica whole bean coffees.
  • Our Models are all 'automatic' systems - generating the perfect coffee or hot beverage consistently, cup after cup, with one touch. 
  • We provide an all-inclusive coffee program for business and the hospitality industry.
  • There is no cost to our clients for equipment, installation, or service.
  • We provide fresh roasted, fair trade premium Arabica whole beans.
  • Our chocolate and vanilla granulate create the finest in hot chocolates and vanilla beverages. Made with granulated skim milk, the products are heated and whipped separately then blended together into an aromatic and delicious drink.
  • We can provide over twenty unique selections that suit every palette, from strong to mild, sweet to aromatic, full foam to minimal.
  • We can provide vend or invoicing programs, stand or countertop models - from 20 to 300 cups a day.
  • Our Systems provide full account management capabilities - we can accurately monitor every beverage that is served for invoicing and on-time product replacement.
  • Our Model 525 can be used as a promotional/advertising vehicle for retail oriented businesses as the 7" High Definition Monitor, located at eye level, can be used for static, text or video messaging.

Great Coffee..Right In Your Own Office!


What are the Benefits of your Higher Grounds Coffee System Model?

  • Because we are locally owned and operated, we can provide superior supply and service support, usually within a short time
  • No extra cost for the Italian designed and manufactured espresso units
  •  No contracts to sign (in most cases)
  •  No cancellation charges (two weeks’ notice required)
  •  No extra cost for gourmet fresh roasted coffee beans
  •  No extra cost for premium products
  •  “Just in Time” delivery system- No storage of products required
  •  No extra charge for regular cleaning and maintenance
  •  Staff will never be required to make coffee again!
  •  Staff will never have to clean the coffee system
  •  Increase in productivity- reduced daily ‘coffee runs’. Research shows that it costs company an average of $1,500.00 dollars per year/per employee on twice daily out of office coffee breaks.
  •  Improved Customer Relations- providing a premium coffee beverage, in a ceramic cup (over a paper cup or mug), shows a client’s customer value and appreciation. Each Higher Grounds cup is up to 75% less in cost than at leading coffee retailers. Staff would save a minimum of $1,200.00 per year based on two cups of black coffee per day, and up to $2,500.00 on specialty drinks.